Rochester, IN Engagement Photographer | Staci & Ren

May 26, 2016  •  3 Comments

We were blessed with gorgeous weather the evening of Staci and Ren's engagement session. The couple brought their dogs along for the beginning to get some family photos. They were so well-behaved and sweet that we didn't even have to break out the treats. The couple also told me all about the rest of their pet pack at home, including multiple turkeys! How cool is that?

The friendship and bond these two share is one of the cutest things you'll ever witness. You can see it in the photos in their laughter, playfulness and pure joy to just be in each others' company. It was a pleasure to capture their relationship through the lens, and I have to admit I can't wait for the wedding! Is it September yet?


Bonnie Ingle(non-registered)
Beautiful photos!!
Grandma Williams(non-registered)
Love you guys and the pictures are all good.
Michelle Wilson(non-registered)
Love these guys and what awesome picts.
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