Ethan's 18 Month Session

July 25, 2016  •  1 Comment

The fact that I'm writing Ethan's 18 month blog has me baffled and just a bit sad. These little ones grow so quickly and I feel so thankful for having the opportunity to document the sweet little changes as the years pass. For this session, I met Ethan and his Mom at their house so we could get a few outdoor shots in the grass before taking Ethan and his pedal tractor out into the family's recently planted field. After a gold fish snack and a fair bit of running, Ethan changed into his overalls and we preceded into the corn. Just like a good little farmer, Ethan climbed off his tractor to check the soil.... dry. Perhaps that's why so much dirt covered the poor child's face when he tripped on a row. "That's okay!" I said to Mom. "That's the life of a farmer. Let's capture the reality of it."


Jill Hazelton(non-registered)
LOVE EVERY PIC!!!! He makes his Papa proud, loving the FARM LIFE!!! We love that he likes the dirt and isn't afraid to get dirty!!! Just like his daddy!!
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